The Trouble with those Pesky Aspen Burls

Aspen burls are hard to find but that is the easiest part of turning one into a bowl. Aspen burl bowls are spectacular with amazing grain figuring and colors, but they are among the most difficult burls to turn. This is why you don’t see so many bowls made from aspen burls. Never the less, these are my favorite bowls by far and I always turn the burls green. Here is a recent aspen burl bowl and I think you can see why I love turning them. Most aspen burls are partly decayed, but this decay is usually hidden on the inside, making the choice of how to mount the burl on the lathe important. Many of my aspen burl bowls have holes/voids/bark inclusions which are OK and often charming, but if the

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Artistic lathe turned wood bowls from Lake Superior area

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