My New Stubby S1000 Lathe

Stubby lathes are made in Australia and were sold in the US for many years but the company stopped production and distribution in the US several years ago. The company started making these wonderful lathes again under new management ( I have only heard great things about them (very well made) and the S1000 lathe has the capability to turn a 44" diameter bowl. I love turning large burls and have been limited to making bowls up to about 24" diameter. I primarily make bark edged (live edged) bowls from burls. Maintaining a complete bark edge limits the ways I can turn a burl, and with the size limitation of my other lathes (25" diameter), I had to cut large bu

Turning a Large Amazing White Cedar Burl

I have turned a lot of burls but the one I turned yesterday was AMAZING in two ways, its appearance and its hidden decay. The first image in the gallery below shows the burl that measures 12" in diameter. The bark is spectacular and that is what attracted me to this burl. I secured the trimmed burl to my Vega lathe using an elio drive in the head stock and a live center in the tail stock. My plan was to have a rounded bowl with a spectacular bark edge. The third image shows the bottom (tail stock) view of the trimmed burl and the first signs of decay. In fact, parts of the bottom had soft spongy areas. I considered giving up at this point since the tenon will be turned in this area and it ha

Beastly Aspen Burl Turned into a Bowl

Winter is fast approaching and I am back to turning bowls. I selected a medium sized aspen burl that I purchased up from my logger friend in the UP of Michigan during the summer. It is wet and heavy, which is good since I turn aspen burls green. It looked solid (photos below) so I trimmed it as shown in the first several photos (blue lines show where cuts were be made). I visualized the bark edge top of the bowl on the top of the burl. This would give maximum use of the burl and a nice jagged bark top. Most aspen burls have some decay inside, but it is difficult to know exactly where. You always take a chance since there are areas that would really mess up the turning process. You can see so

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Artistic lathe turned wood bowls from Lake Superior area

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