Lou's Classes on Turning Artistic Bark Edged Bowls

I have been teaching wood turning classes through the North House Folk School in Grand Marais for the past 8 years. Over 100 students have taken these and private classes (see photos below from some of these classes). My last North House class ended on August 10, 2019. I have decided to primarily offer private classes in the future. These will be one or two day classes for one or two students and will focus on turning bark edged bowls including bowls from burls and other unusual gnarly chunks of wood. Students are encouraged to bring wood they would like to turn. My classes are designed for students who already know how to turn a bowl on a power lathe. This is an important prerequisite! These classes are taught in my shop in Hovland and can be arranged by contacting me.  I currently have three lathes. One is a Powermatic 3520B lathe with a 20" swing over the bed. The other two are Vega bowl lathes (model 2400 and 2600). The Vega lathes are designed for turning bowls since they have a short bed to support the tool rest and a 26" swing (bowls up to 25" diameter can be turned).  The tail stock is easily removable for bowl hollowing, so the Vega lathes are great for turning bowls. The Vega 2600 was purchased in 2016 and unfortunately this lathe is no longer being made. I will be retiring one of the Vega lathes and replacing it with a new Stubby S1000 (this lathe has a 44" swing and a 3 HP variable speed motor). I hope to have this new lathe available for classes in 2020. Students in the class will experience all three lathes for maximum learning, and each student will work full time on a lathe. Private classes can be arranged for any time by mutual agreement. Please contact me if you need more information about these classes.

I have written a rather detailed document that describes the process of turning bark edged bowls and burls, with information on where to find special turning equipment and supplies. If you are taking my class you should download and read this PDF document since it is designed as background for the class.

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The following images are from some of my previous classes

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short video from a recent class

Artistic lathe turned wood bowls from Lake Superior area

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    August 1, 2019 Class

    Chester, Sandy, and Dean turned cherry, birch, and oak bark edged bowls, and cherry burl bowls