Aspen burl bowl with amazing bark

Spalted Aspen Burl Bowl (19WS10) SOLD

dimensions: 8" diam x 6.5" ht, 7/16" wall thickness


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  • Detailed Info about bowl

    This bowl was turned from an aspen burl that I purchased from a logger in the UP of Michigan, near the south shore of Lake Superior. A view of the entire trimmed burl is shown above mounted on a lathe. Aspen burls are my favorite to turn. They are always challenging with lots of issues like soft decayed areas, cracking along grain lines, worms, and soft areas just under the bark. They are also rare. Very few people turn aspen burls for these reasons, but the end result is always spectacular. This bowl has great colors, spalting patterns, swirling grain lines, knots, and bark. Its rounded shape and spectacular bark add to the beauty of the burl wood. All of the soft areas and open grain lines are stabilized with thin CA resin. I am always amazed how beautiful aspen burl bowls are and this justifies all the extra work. The colors in this bowl include red, yellow, gold, black and overtones of green. The bowl was turned using handheld tools on a lathe from green wood, dried for several months, and sanded to 600 grit. The bowl was sealed with two coats of tung oil, hand sanded after each coat, and finished with a buffed thin coat of beeswax and walnut oil. This finish is considered food safe so this bowl can be used to serve and display food. This bowl should last for hundreds of years and improve gracefully with age. This is a collector’s piece and a great example of an aspen burl bowl. Imagine how this would look on a wood table or on a shelf. It would certainly stimulate lots of conversation.


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  • Laminated Info Card

    All of my bowls come with a laminated card with images of the bowl and burl, a complete description of the bowl and making process, and the artist's bio on the back side. There is no price on the card so it can be used if the bowl is given as a gift.