Sugar Mapale Traditional Bowl (21WS24)

Sugar Mapale Traditional Bowl (21WS24)

dimensions: 15" diam at top, 4.75" ht, 3/8" wall thickness

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  • Detailed Info about bowl

    The sugar maple log used to turn this bowl came from Hovland, MN, and was rescued from a firewood pile. I seldom turn traditional style bowls but this log had nice spalting so I decided to make a large utility bowl. The wood is spalted with interesting dark patterns and zones, some old knots markings, and great colors with yellow and red overtones. The wood was turned green so the bowl experienced some warping as it dried. I like the subtle distortions from this natural process. This wood is heavy and strong, typical of hard maple. The bowl was sanded to 400 grit and treated with two coats of pure tung oil. This food safe oil soaks into the wood and seals it from the inside. This bowl will be a great serving bowl and last for hundreds of years. It is designed for daily use and its interesting dark patterns and colors will attract attention. Alternatively, this bowl is perfect as a decorative piece and for holding things. The bowl can be washed by hand and kept beautiful by occasional wiping and buffing with salad oil. I like to use walnut oil for refreshing wood bowls.

    This is an unusual bowl for me since I specialize in burls and artistic bark edged bowls. I generally only make traditional serving type bowls by special order. The wood in this bowl is beautiful.





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  • Laminated Info Card

    All of my bowls come with a laminated card with images of the bowl and burl, a complete description of the bowl and making process, and the artist's bio on the back side. There is no price on the card so it can be used if the bowl is given as a gift.