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The Biggest and the Best, Aspen Burl Bowl

In late November, 2019, I set up my new S1000 (3 Hp) Stubby lathe. I got this lathe so I could turn larger bowls. I turned the first large bowl on this lathe in early December (see the December 12, 2019, blog post). The bowl was turned from a very large aspen burl that was 2 ft in diameter and weighed around 90 lbs. The rough turned bowl is now dry, so I sanded and finished it a few days ago. It took two days of sanding and re-turning the bottom, another several days of oiling and waxing, and finally here it is being held by my wife Inger, who is also the best.

The bowl is about 23" in diameter. The following images show more photos of this bowl and a few of the burl. This bowl is now for sale in my store, waiting for that special buyer who wants a museum quality bowl. This is the largest bowl I have turned and made from aspen burl, my favorite wood. The colors and grain figuring in this bowl are really amazing.

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