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Another Beautiful Black Walnut Crotch

The following image shows a black walnut crotch. The larger branch is about 10" in diameter.

The metal spike on the top of this crotch shows the planned vertical axis of the visualized bowl. There is a top view of this crotch in the gallery below that gives a better perspective of the next cuts to be made. The circular outline of the planned top of the bowl is drawn in blue. I next made vertical cuts along this circle to prepare the piece for turning. The gallery shows images of this piece attached to my Stubby S1000 lathe and the resulting turned bowl. The figuring and colors are very nice and the white sapwood provides stark contrast to the dark heartwood. Black walnut bark always shows wavy dark lines and orange colors. Overall this bowl came out the way I planned with the bonus of the contrasting white and dark areas. The approx dimensions of this bowl are 10.5" diameter, 8" height, ⅜" wall thickness. It now has to dry for a month or two, be re-turned at the bottom, sanded, oiled, and waxed. I will post photos of the finished bowl when it is ready.


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