Contact me if you are interested in purchasing a bowl, taking a class, signing up for my email Newsletter (about 5 per year), for information about my wood turning, or just to chat. I love hearing from people interested in wood turning (or any thing else). Please use the form below and I will contact you by email within a day. If you are interested in buying or inquiring about a specific bowl in the Store, please include the bowl's name and inventory number (such as cherry burl bowl, 18W32), and include where the bowl will be shipped. Click HERE to see general information on purchasing a bowl and see my store for all bowls for sale. My home phone is 218-475-2782, iphone 218-387-5466, but you must leave a message or a text message since we do not answer calls from unknown numbers. I will text or call you back within a day.  Thanks

You can alternately send me an email directly to since the contact form does not permit you to send photos or attachments.

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