Gallery of Natural Edged Bowls For Sale (updated on 10/24/20). Some bowls that recently sold are included in the store to help customers see more examples and pricing. These bowls are clearly marked SOLD. I also make bowls on order and from a customer's wood. This is a great way to preserve a piece of a special tree. Please contact me for special projects. I am willing to turn a bowl from any gnarly unusual piece of wood! I have also been known to turn a traditional salad or soup bowl, but only on order, preferably from your piece of wood.

 My bowls including the many stories on this web site should provide you with something beautiful to look at and learn about. I am a teacher at heart, and love explaining and describing how and why I make bowls from gnarly old pieces of wood.

If you are interested in purchasing a bowl, I can safely ship one to you.  Contact me for any reason, I love hearing from wood lovers.

Note: I have sold nearly my entire inventory during the Fall Art Tour (9/25-10/4/20). I will be making more bowls later this Fall and during the winter, so keep checking my store for additions which will appear at the front end of the store. I do have bowls ready for finishing and could have specific ones ready in several days, so please contact me for info on what is available.


Artistic lathe turned wood bowls from Lake Superior area

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