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Large Spalted White Cedar Burl Bowl (18SF4) SOLD

Large Spalted White Cedar Burl Bowl (18SF4) SOLD

dimensions:  22" diam x  4.5" high, 3/8" wall thickness

Sold in 2018


  • Detailed Info about bowl

    This bowl is on loan to the New Scenic Cafe and not currently for sale. At some point it may become available, so contact me if you are interested in this bowl. This colorful bowl was turned from a cedar burl that was purchased from a logger near the south shore of Lake Superior in the UP of Michigan.  Photos above show the burl on and off the lathe. This burl was large but light and not difficult to turn since the wood was not hard. However, there were some soft punky areas from decay, several bark inclusions, and a large ant colony in the center of the burl. The ants poured out when their nest was breached, and they were not happy! This slowed down the turning process. I kept a natural edge around most of the bowl but the burl was too large for my lathe so it had to be trimmed in several areas. This burl was old and immediately showed beautiful colors from spalting and chatoyance (flame type figuring). The blue, green, and reddish colored zones show interesting patterns that give the appearance of a topographical map. The bowl is unusual and quite beautiful. It was very difficult to get photos of this bowl that show true colors. Some photos were taken out doors in sun light, some in shade, and some in my dark room with incandescent light. I think the outdoor photos show the most natural colors. The indoor shots are a bit more reddish in tone. The shape of the bowl evolved from the shape of the burl, and my desire to bring out the beauty of the wood and maintain as much of a complete a natural edge as possible. The bowl is surprisingly light in weight, typical of cedar. The bowl was turned using hand held tools on a lathe from moist wood (but dry on a cellular level), dried for several weeks, and sanded to 600 grit. The bowl was sealed with two coats of tung oil, hand sanded after each coat, and finished with a buffed thin coat of beeswax and walnut oil. This finish is considered food safe, although this bowl is best suited for artistic display. The wood in this bowl is soft and will scratch and dent easily, so it is best not to use it as a utility bowl. It could hold bread or fruit, but best to be displayed on a large table to show off the amazing patterns and colors. It will be a major conversation piece. It is unusual to find such a large cedar burl so this bowl is a collector’s piece.


    All of my bowls can be returned for a full refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason within 60 days. You must only pay the return shipping.

  • Laminated Info Card

    All of my bowls come with a laminated card with images of the bowl and burl, a complete description of the bowl and making process, and the artist's bio on the back side. There is no price on the card so it can be used if the bowl is given as a gift.

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