Artistic Bark Edged Bowl Woodturning Class (July 20-22, 2017)

I just completed guiding students in my 2.25 day wood turning class at the North House Folk School and my Hovland shop. My three students (Joe, Buddy, and Rod) did a great job turning bark edged bowls from cherry, honey locust, cherry burl, sugar maple burl, black walnut, and box elder. We also worked on sharpening, wood drying, stabilizing, and sanding techniques. We all had a great time and I think the students learned a lot and left really motivated to turn more challenging bowls. The following images show the students hard at work and displaying their finished bowls.

Another Black Ash Burl Turned

I am working my way through a number of large black ash burls I purchased on a local Indian Reservation. It is exciting since these burls have been showing great grain figuring. The first photo in the following grid shows the complete burl that is about 16" in diameter. The main log had burls wrapping all the way around it. I cut the burly log perpendicular to the axis of the log in preparation for an end-grain turning that would hopefully show a cross section of several burls. The photos show the piece mounted on the lathe and the process of turning it. The pith of the log is near the center of the bowl and typically this is a problem area, especially in black ash. I include some images of

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Artistic lathe turned wood bowls from Lake Superior area

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