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Highly Figured Sugar Maple Burl Bowl

I just finished a beautiful sugar maple burl bowl. The burl came from northern Wisconsin and was trimmed for turning a natural bark edged bowl. Images of the burl are shown in the gallery below. It was secured to my Stubby lathe and turned without any issues. I shaped the bowl to best bring out its beauty. The finished bowl has a 13" diameter a its top, has a height ranging from 5" to 7", and a wall thickness of 3/8". The bark on this burl was thick so the bark edge is spectacular and nicely frames the bowl. The wood has stunning grain figuring that includes dark red-orange-brown patterns surrounded by lighter areas that contain a chatoyance (curl/flame). The dark pattern is dramatic with the appearance of a winged monster or a butterfly (your choice). The bowl was turned green and dried under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. The bark was stabilized with cyanoacrylate glue as usual to prevent it from coming loose during the drying. There were no issues with checking or loose bark, but the bowl did warp enough to require re-turning the bottom. The dry bowl was sanded to 400 grit and sealed with several coats of pure tung oil. The following images show the burl and bowl.


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