Another Flaming Birch Burl Bowl

This post shows another beautiful birch burl bowl with lots of chatoyance. The photos below show the burl and the bowl. Here is a large shot of the glowing bowl which measures 15" x 13" x 5.5". The following gallery shows more images of this bowl. Photos were taken in different types of light to best show the chatoyance.

Turning a Birch Burl with lots of Chatoyance

A customer brought me a large birch burl that is shown in the first photo below. He wanted me to turn a bowl for him since the birch tree and burl had significance to his family. I placed the burl on my lathe as shown in the second photo. Note that the head stock (power end) of the lathe is attached to the flat area where the burl was cut from the tree. This positions the base of the bowl on the rounded top of the burl (left side of the burl in the second photo where the tail stock of the lathe secures the burl with a live center). I always aim for a bark edge on my bowls. I curved the top ends (or wings) of the bowl toward the top of the bowl and brought the sides down toward the base to ca

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Artistic lathe turned wood bowls from Lake Superior area

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