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A Very Nice Aspen Burl Bowl

Aspen burl from quaking aspen trees along the North Shore of Lake Superior are very rare, although the trees are very common. I have turned a lot of them over the years. Most have been purchased from local loggers. I just finished one that is really stunning. Here are a few shots of it.

This bowl has dimensions of 10-13" top diameter, 2" high, and 3/16" wall thickness. It has an angel fish shape with amazing figuring and colors. The wood has a lot of chatoyance and swirling colorful banded patterns. This bowl nicely shows the banded agate like figuring with golden to orange swirls. It is best to just look at the images and you will understand why I love this wood. Here are more shots of the bowl with a few of the burl on the lathe. Click on images to see larger full views. Enjoy and have fun turning.


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