Turning an Old Spalted Oak Burl

I got this large old oak burl from a customer who wanted a bowl. The burl was oddly shaped with a large depression in the top and it was gnarly, exactly the type of burl I love to turn. The gallery of images below shows the burl and the process of turning it. It was not obvious how to trim and attach the burl to my lathe. I used this old burl as a demo piece in my wood turning classes to challenge students to visualize a bowl from this burl and to decide how to proceed. It was clear that the depression had to become the inside of a bowl. This required careful centering on the lathe so the bowl wall would be solid. The series of images are arranged in order and shows the process better than I

Heart Shaped Birch Crotch Bowl RAFFLE (We Have a Winner)

Thanks to everyone who entered the bowl give away raffle. The winning number is 298 and only one person guessed that exact number. Congratulations to the winner Noelle O! The photos below show a live edged birch crotch bowl. This attractive heart shaped bowl has golden colors, beautiful feather figuring along the crotch intersection, interesting zones from spalting, and contains circular grain lines around the centers of the two branches. The bowl dimensions are 9" long, 6" wide at max, 2.5" max height, and 1/4" wall thickness. This bowl is being offered in a raffle and the winner will get this bowl for free with free shipping to any where in the world. The rules are simple, just select a nu

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Artistic lathe turned wood bowls from Lake Superior area

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