Large Birch Burl on Stubby Lathe

I turned a large birch burl on the new Stuby S1000 lathe. This is the second large burl turned on this lathe, so I am giving the lathe a real work out and learning how to best use all the special features. This burl was heavy and very unsymmetrical requiring the use of my shop crane to lift it onto the lathe. Images in the gallery below show the details of turning this burl. I used both tool rests and repositioned the movable bed several times to be able to easily reach all parts of the burl with the tool rests. This burl is full of chatoyance (flaming curl figuring) and although the wood was green, it was very difficult to carve. I actually used my smallest 1/4" gouges for most of the turni

Large Aspen Burl on the Stubby Lathe

Finally, I turned a large burl on my new S1000 (3 hp) Stubby lathe. This burl was 2 ft in diameter, thick, and very heavy (about 90 lbs). I used my shop crane to help get it on the lathe. The photos below show the entire process. The Stubby lathe is designed for large heavy pieces (44" max diameter) and equipped with two beds with tool rests for maximum turning flexibility. I used both tool rests for this burl as it was convenient to turn the head-stock side of the burl during the turning of the outer profile. This helped reduce its weight so I could more easily remove and remount it with a chuck for hollowing. It took me 8 hours to turn this bowl. As usual with aspen burl, there was major g

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Artistic lathe turned wood bowls from Lake Superior area

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