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Why Buy Handmade Art?

I am often asked how long it takes to make one of my wood bowls. This question is generally related to how I set prices for my bowls. The best answer is that it takes me 12 years to make a bowl. This is the time it has taken me to gain experience in wood turning, the time it has taken me to make over 1000 bowls, the time it has taken me to set up my shop with state of the art equipment and tools, and the time it has taken me to experiment with techniques to learn how to make truly challenging bowls. Several years ago, I could not make many of the bowls I make today. This is true for many artists who have honed their skills over many years of work. The following is a quote someone posted on Facebook.

This statement is certainly true. I do my art for the love of doing it, for the thrill of seeing amazing wood grain emerge as the wood is turned, for the pleasure of seeing others get excited by the beauty of the bowl, and to see my bowls spread around the world for many to enjoy. A lot of my work is commissioned and I really enjoy getting to know the customers so I can keep them in mind while their bowl is being made. This probably sounds silly, but I believe there is an important connection between artist and buyer. So, please support artists even if they are not starving. The art you buy will enrich your life and send a good positive feeling to the maker, and that is what it is all about.

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