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An Unusual Elm Burl

A friend gave me a beautiful large elm burl that came from the lower part of an elm tree he cut down since it was too close to the house. The burl was 4' long and 18" in diameter. Below is an image of the burl in the back of my pick up truck.

Large elm burl

The burl part of the wood wrapped completely around the log. The following is a cross section of this burly log showing nice radial rays and colors. The pith of the log is near the center of the cross section.

Cross section of large elm burl

I cut the burly log into cross section slabs that ranged from 4" to 8" thick with the plan to turn end grain bowls that would show the radial rays and amazing grain figuring. The following photos show a bowl turned from one of the slabs. The bowl is fresh turned green so the full beauty of the figuring will show much better when the bowl is sanded/oiled/waxed. This bowl is 18" in diameter and 7" deep.

The following image is the top view of the another bowl turned from a different 18" diameter slab. Since the wood is green, the fresh cut piece is wet and shows some of the amazing grain figuring.

Top view of fresh turned 18" diam elm burl

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