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Large Spalted White Cedar Burl

The above images show the process of turning this large cedar burl. Click on an image to enlarge it. The burl was trimmed to about 23" in diameter to fit on my Vega bowl lathe. It was mounted on the lathe using a face plate and the tail stock was used as added stability and security. A large ant colony poured out during the turning. This ant nest was in the middle of the burl and completely sealed inside. There was no indication it was there until a hole was exposed during the hollowing process. The ants were not friendly and required a can of Raid ant/roach killer. These carpenter ants included many large ones with wings and I did not want them to establish a home in my shop! Images are shown of the turned outer profile (note the 5" tenon) and top and side views of the hollowed out bowl. The bowl is 22" in diameter and has mostly a natural edge except for the areas where the burl was trimmed. The spalting patterns, colors, and some flame are already quite nice, and will be spectacular when dry, sanded, and oiled. This burl was fresh and somewhat wet and needs a few months to dry and move. I will return the bottom area to give the bowl a nice base.

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