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Turning a Large White Birch Burl

I just got a large birch burl shown in the first two images below. The burl measured 20" at the widest and about 8" deep after it was cut from the tree and trimmed for turning. The burl came from the UP of Michigan and was purchased from a logger. I decided to aim for a non-round bark edge. This required placing the base of the bowl on the rounded top of the burl. The first two images show the burl secured to the lathe with a face plate and the live center of the tail stock attached for security. The images of the turned bowl include two bottom views of the profile with a 4.5" tenon for reverse mounting and hollowing, and a top and several side views of the completed "rough" turned bowl. The bowl was turned green so at least several months of drying are required before returning the base, sanding, oiling and waxing. The bowl measures 20" at its widest, 15" at its smallest diameter, 5" deep, and about 1/2 " wall thickness. The wood shows a lot of chatoyance (flame) and colorful zones. The figuring and colors will be brought out vividly after finishing. Waiting for the drying is always difficult with such beautiful wood.

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