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First Bowl of 2019 - The Alchemy of Turning a Burl into a Bowl

The process of turning a burl into a bowl is really one of alchemy. It involves changing (transmutation) an ordinary looking chunk of wood (the burl) into a magnificent bowl. The images below show the story of turning a cherry burl into a beautiful cherry bowl. The 15" diameter burl wrapped completely around a 5" diameter log. Cutting the burl immediately exposes the potential of the burl, but turning it into a bowl reveals its beauty. The bowl shows colorful patterns that were hidden in the burl. This is the process that wood turners, wood alchemists, love to do. This bowl is 15" in diameter and now needs about two months to dry. Sanding and oiling will complete the process of the transmutation of a burl into a bowl for all to enjoy.

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