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Aspen Burl Bowl Given to Customer

I often check the analytics for my web site. Over 50 people visit the site every day (the good news) but most bounce away within a few seconds and never look past the Home page. Maybe the allure of seeing images of artistic and unusual wood bowls simply is just not there. We also live in a time when many do not spend time reading and learning about new things. It is frustrating for an artist that so few people take a little time to view and learn about their art. So, I tried an experiment by posting a link on my web site home page with a hook statement to try and get people to read this blog post. The first person who contacted me won the following bowl for free with free shipping to any where in the continental US. In fact, any one reading this blog post could have won this bowl by simply contacting me and asking for the bowl. The bowl was claimed (on May 28, 2019) two days after posting the offer. I will do this again in the near future. It pays to take time to read. You will learn something and maybe win a prize.

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