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Aspen Burl Bowl (first of many new ones)

It is challenging to avoid the stress and anxiety of the isolation that distancing brings during the Corona virus pandemic. My cure is to spend a lot of time in the wood turning shop. My inventory will build, so hopefully the day will come when people buy art again. I have a lot of aspen burl bowls ready for finishing (sanding/oiling/waxing). Aspen burl are my favorite bowls mainly because their colors and grain figuring are always spectacularly amazing, unlike any other burls I have seen. They are also rare and very challenging to turn since most have decay, soft areas, grain separation, and inclusions. Not many wood turners work with aspen burl for these reasons. I will be posting images and descriptions of my latest aspen burl bowls as they are finished. Images of the first are shown below. This bowl is about 12" in diameter and 3.5" in height. It has a mostly live bark edge. Some of the bark was sacrificed to keep the bowl decent size.

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