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Another Aspen Burl Bowl Finished

Everyone is stuck at home these days so there is a bit more time to write. I alternate my time between working in my shop turning and finishing bowls and writing and posting on this web site. I can't work in the shop every day since it is too hard on my aging body. There is also lots to do around the house and eventually around the yard (we still have snow in the yard). Yesterday I sanded and oiled another aspen burl bowl, and this is the subject of this post. If you follow my blog, web site, and/or Facebook posts, you know that aspen burl is my favorite wood to turn. It is rare and difficult to turn, and the most beautiful burl wood near where I live, and at least as beautiful as any burl in the world. The grain figuring is stunning and the flaming golden colors are vibrant. The burls are always difficult to turn due to decay, inclusions, grain separation, and fragile bark. I love this challenge, enjoy the process of dealing with and solving these problems, and eventually realizing the beauty at the end. It is interesting how the vibrant beauty of these bowls only appears after sanding and oiling. They are rather drab while sitting on my shelf drying. They do show sings of what is to come when they are being turned, fresh and wet. I usually take some quick photos at this point. Below is a gallery of images of the latest aspen burl bowl. It is 8" in diameter, 5.5" high, and 1/4 " wall thickness.

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