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Grand Marais Elm Bowl

Several very old elm trees in down town Grand Marais were cut down by the highway department this year due to work on highway 61 this summer. Cutting down these trees was controversial since the trees were beautiful and loved by local residents. The wood was made available to local artists to preserve some of the beauty of these trees. I was given a large crotch piece from one of these trees. The following photos show the 24" diameter crotch with a cross-section piece removed from its center. That piece or slab was used to turn a live bark edged bowl. The series of images show this slab attached to my lathe and the resulting bowl. The bowl has a maximum diameter of 21" and a minimum diameter of 17". It is 5" deep and has a wall thickness of 1/2". Since it was turned green it needs a month or two to dry. I will donate this bowl to a non-profit in Grand Marais. Thanks to the city of Grand Marais for the opportunity to turn a piece of one of these beautiful elm trees. Click on images in the gallery to see enlarged photos with descriptions.

Since this bowl was turned green, it needs a few months to dry before sanding and oiling. Hopefully it will not crack. I will add images of the finished bowl when it is done, and report where it was donated.

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