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A Second Grand Marais Elm Bowl

This post is a follow-up to the previous blog post. I decided that I could turn a second bowl from that large piece of the elm crotch I was given by the city of Grand Marais. The image shows the original piece minus the section that was cut out for the first bowl (see previous blog post).

I cut a 7" thick piece just to the right of the gap from the first piece. I noted that the bark was intact all the way around so if I was lucky I could turn a second bark edged bowl. The next image shows this piece mounted on my lathe using a 6" faceplate, ready for end-grain turning.

The following gallery of images show the result of turning this piece. The first image in the gallery shows the tailstock side of the piece. I always keep a rotating center from the tail stock attached to large pieces. This gives added stability during the turning of the profile of the bowl and this piece is about 2 ft at max diameter. The remaining images show the completed fresh turned bowl. The bowl is 23" x 18" and 5" deep. It needs some months of controlled drying before sanding and oiling. Note that this is a triple crotch!

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