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Extraordinary Aspen Burl Bowl

I have not been writing many blogs these days because I am working hard finishing bowls for the 10 day Art Along the Lake Studio Art Tour which runs from September 23 through October 2, 2022. It has been a struggle since bowl are selling regularly. Sanding and finishing a bowl is also not fun, but sometimes a special result bowl emerges. Today I finished an extraordinary aspen burl bowl. Here are a few images of this 8" diameter bowl (6.5" height, ¼" wall thickness).

This bowl has it all, beautiful grain figuring, colors, spalting, curl and a radical bark edge. The dark meandering lines are from spalting (decay) and give the appearance of wiggly black worms. Each one of those dark lines had to be stabilized during turning and sanding. The bowl also has a nice shape and feel. This combination of qualities makes this bowl one of my all time favorites.


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