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Holiday Update

The winter has come early this year. We have already had over 16” of snow which quickly turned to slushy ice as the temperature dropped to 5 deg F. Most of this soon melted but a few more inches of snow has already fallen. The Fall Art Along the Lake StudioTour was very successful (all twelve aspen burl bowls sold by the third day) and at the end of the ten day tour, only a few bowls remained. I also earned a very stiff neck from all the last-minute sanding. I have been working to rebuild the inventory. Finally, I have some amazing new aspen burl bowls and some new nicely figured red maple bowls for sale. These are in the Store on this web site and can be shipped before Christmas. Here are images of the four new aspen burl bowls. They have that special Lake Superior agate figuring!

I am now doing mostly commissioned projects with some beautiful burls provided by customers. One is a 15” diameter cherry burl. The burl was cut into two halves for end grain turning. Here are images of the burl, its cut halves, and the rough turned bowl from the lower burl half (the one with the branches). Click on an image to enlarge it.

The next images show the bowl turned from the upper half of the cherry burl.

These bowls are rough turned and drying, but already show great colors and figuring. Both are 15” in diameter and about 5” deep. The bowls have unusual patterns and figuring and are now need drying for a few months.

Inger and I are doing well except for the aches and pains of entering our 80’s (me in a few months). It sounds so strange to even think of reaching this age but it sneaked-up on us during the haze of the pandemic. I intend to continue my wood turning business but slow down a little. I have discontinued most teaching activities. My shop is a sanctuary where I can completely escape the anxieties and stresses of the messed-up world. It would be very hard to give up this wonderful craft.

We wish everyone a wonderful Holiday and hope for improvements in the world and in everyone’s life.

Lou and Inger

Hovland (12/2/22)


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