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Inventory for the 2021 Art Along the Lake Studio Tour

I have been sanding/finishing bowls for this years studio tour which will take place from September 24 through October 3. Here is a link to the studio art tour's complete schedule of the 24 studios and galleries. My inventory a few months ago included only a few bowls, and a look at the following photo of the inventory today will show you how hard I have been working. I am quite worn out from all this finishing (sanding and oiling), the less glamorous part of wood turning, but the most rewarding part since the real beauty of the wood is finally shown. Please consider stoping at my shop to see the bowls and to learn how they are made. I plan to do turning and tool sharpening demonstrations. I will require masks and I will be running an air filtration system to keep everyone safe from Delta.

Bowls include ones made from cherry burl, birch burl, maple burl, cedar burl, black walnut, aspen, sugar maple, box elder, and honey locust. Most are bark edged bowls and some are over 2 ft in diameter.


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