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Large Colorful Aspen Burl Bowl

I love turning aspen burl. This is no surprise to readers of my blog since I have posted many stories about aspen burl bowls, the bowls with that unusual lake Superior banded agate figuring shown in the first two images below. The latest burl I turned has different figuring with wavy lines and zones of golden to brown-red colors. An image of this bowl is also shown below.

Images above: Aspen burl with lake Superior banded agate figuring (typical of aspen burl from the north shore of lake Superior).

Image below: Aspen burl with a different figuring, one I describe as a whirled grain pattern of golden to brown-red colors. One could describe both of these grain patterns as tight and loose whirled grain figuring.

This latest bowl was a surprise. It also difficult to turn due to many separating grain lines that needed to be sealed and stabilized. I like both types of figuring. The following gallery of images shows this new bowl. I also included three images of the burl.


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