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New Aspen Burl Bowls

Four new aspen burl bowls have been turned in the past month. All of these bowls have great lake Superior agate figuring and have a natural edged winged type shape. They are now drying and will be finished during the summer.

The first one has dimensions of 17" to 14" at top, with a 3.75" height.

The second one has dimensions of 14" to 10" at top, with a 3.5" height.

The third one has dimensions of 12" to 11" at top, with a 3.5" height.

The fourth one has dimensions of 16" to 11" at top, with a 3.5" height.

These new bowls were turned from the large aspen burls I purchased from local Hovland loggers during the winter. The burls are large and required a lot of cutting to prepare the bowl blanks. There was also a lot of decay in these burls (as usual) so a lot of planning and some luck was needed for each cut with a chain saw. It was not unusual to study and probe each burl for days before cutting. These larger bowls were actually easier to plan, cut and turn, compared with smaller natural edged bowls. Aspen burls are so rare I did not want to waste any pieces! Most years I do not get any aspen burls.


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